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These exquisite Hamptons style homes are one to keep an eye on. With inclusions thoughtfully selected by each home owner, you will see 3 different but equally gorgeous homes come to life.

Project update 4/11/2022: Construction commenced today! Hopefully the rain stays away.

Project update 16/11/2022: Bored Piers have been poured, hoping for some sunny days to dry out the site so we can start slab stage!

Project update 22/03/2023: All 3 slabs are done! woohoo, now for frames.

Project update 28/04/2023: After a slow start thanks to the rain delaying slabs we have gain our momentum agian! 1 Frame down, 2 to go! Unit 3 (Single Storey) Frame is completed and ground floors are completed on Unit 2 & 1. We are excited for our next site visit!



4th November 2022

Commencement Date


Construction Stage

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